Friday, March 16, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day a Sweet and Savory Corned Beef

A sweet and savory Corned Beef is always a great way to start off the Holiday of Saint Patrick’s Day.  I always like to make Corned Beef for my Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration. This year I plan to have some close friends and family as I do every year. We have all the trimmings Corned Beef and cabbage and potatoes all boiled the Irish way. This year I thought I might do a little something different. I am going to boil my meat in some mulling spices. In the picture above you won't see any Cabbage or boiled potatoes, that's because Miss J is not a fan of boiled potatoes and cabbage and I quickly snapped a picture of her meal as always because I always feed her first. .

5 bags of mulling spices
Lots of water enough to fill a stock pot 3/4 full
1 corned beef
1 onion Quartered
1 Seasonings from Corned Beef
1 Large Cabbage cut into 8 pieces 1st in half then in quarters.
2 to 3 potatoes per person

Fill a large stock pot with water 3/4 full
Add 5 Mulling spice packets

Add Corned Beef

 add corned beef spices that were in package
 and one onion quartered.

Boil for about 2 hours

When meat is finished add potatoes and cook for 20 min.

last cook Quartered Cabbage for 5 minutes in same liquid.

I hope you enjoy your Saint Patrick's Day and don't forget to make your Gluten Free Irish Soda Bread. As we all know everyone is Irish on this special day of the year, so enjoy the fun and drink responsibly..

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