Thursday, May 17, 2012

Disneyland Poolside Lunch

So as you know I love to stay at the Disneyland hotel and recently I had the opportunity to stay at this fabulously redone resort. The best time to go to the pool is lunch time when all of the restaurants in the park are busy and full.  I go back to my room and put on my swim suit go for a quick splash in the pool then order lunch by the pool.

You can rent a poolside cabana like we did.  

Then look at the menu and order a nice fruity drink while perusing the menu. Did you know that there are many gluten free options available pool side at The Disneyland Hotel Pool. The pool is always a pleasant 80 degrees weather its summer, spring, winter or fall . Plus the food is delicious!!

I ordered the Asian chicken salad with diced chicken breast, cashews, and red and gold peppers tossed in sesame vinaigrette.

Miss J had the Grilled Salmon Kids meal which is one of there Gluten free kids meal options.

The next time you stay at Disneyland and have the urge to exit the crowds on a hot summer day. My suggestion is go to the pool and grab a bite!

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