Monday, May 21, 2012

The Strawberry Festival 2012

So this past Saturday we decided after seeing the signs over the years that it was time for us to visit the Strawberry Festival. We went on line and saw we could park at one of 8 locations and take a bus to the Strawberry festival or pay $10 and park on site. So we decided to do just that! We parked at Center Pointe Mall and hopped on the bus for a 2 minute ride to the Strawberry Festival. Next we went and purchased tickets to enter Adults were $12 and Children were $6.

We got there and saw all of these craft stands when we first walked in. 

Miss J  had to try out the hammock chair

Then we went  visited the Corn Stand and ordered some food. 

Miss J had some corn on the Cob.

Then it was Drinks they had many options from Strawberry lemonade, Strawberry Beer, Strawberry with Champagne

Next we had dessert these are Strawberry Nachos. Miss J had a chocolate covered Strawberry but ate it so fast no picture could be taken. 

Then lastly Miss J rode a couple rides.

Then we purchased some Strawberries and called it a day. 

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