Tuesday, August 28, 2012

#GlutenFree Italian Style Stir Fry + a #giveaway with @Circulon

As you know I am having a giveaway with @circulon for a 12" stir fry wok in honor of my websites 2nd anniversary. I asked for a comment on what you would make if you won this pan and the majority of you said that you would make a stir fry so because of this I am sharing my Italian style stir fry recipe with you.

Italian Stir Fry ingredients
3 Tablespoons olive oil
2 large Chicken breast or 6 Chicken tenders chopped up.
2 cloves of garlic
salt and pepper
2 cups raw Spinach
2 cups baby zucchini sliced in half and cut ends off.
2 cups Mushrooms Quartered and stemmed
2 Cups Marinated artichokes
Tamari sauce

My basic rice recipe
2 cups Rice
4cups water

Take rice and place in a pot cover with water bring to a boil then cover and place in low and slow for about 20 minutes.

Start Rice (recipe above)

Next prepare Chicken and all vegetables Clean Spinach, baby zucchini sliced in half and cut ends off and stem and quarter mushrooms plus drain artichokes.

Heat up oil in Wok.

Next cook Chicken and season with Salt and Pepper and Garlic

Add in Baby zucchini

then cover with a lid and steam for about 7 minutes.

Next add your mushrooms. and stir until golden about 3 to 5 minutes.

Then add Marinated Artichokes

Next add spinach and toss quickly.

Serve on a Bed of Rice with Tamari sauce (optional).

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Sheila Fretz

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