Tuesday, June 4, 2013

#Glutenfree Roasted beets

I love going to the local farmers market. You generally know what your getting when you go there because at most farmers markets the growers are the ones that are selling the fruits and vegetables. Today I am going to give you the quickest and easiest way of roasting beets with the skins on so you loose very little  of the nutritional value.  I like to serve these as a side or on a salad with a little goat cheese and my balsamic glaze

#Glutenfree Roasted beets ingredients
2 bunches of Beets from your local farmers market
Olive Oil
salt and pepper to taste
Garlic Powder to taste

Aluminum Foil
Cookie Sheet

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Take the Beets and Cut off the greens and bottoms ( You know you can steam and eats like collard greens) place in colander and scrub off dirt.

On a sheet of foil place cleaned beets and coat with olive oil.

Next season with Salt Pepper and Garlic Powder.

Next seal up  and place on cookie sheet for 60 minutes until fork tender.

When tender let cool for about a hour. Next place gloves on and place under water the skins should fall off.

Serve with a salad or a side dish. Like I made this great salad with goat cheese, grapes, strawberries and beets served with my balsamic glaze.

Enjoy and Bon Apetit

Sheila Fretz

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