Monday, June 27, 2011

A Cake made out of Cupcakes

Do you ever wonder how you make a cupcake cake? Well that was just my job the last week of school. Miss J had to do a report on the 1st dinosaur ever and she signed up to make a cake. Well at Miss J’s school that means you bring everything from the serving piece to the sharp knife plus all of the plates napkins and forks for 35 kids plus two teachers. Now I do not mind bringing all of that however.  I do want my stuff back! That’s the part that I am never sure I am going to get to happen. So my answer to this problem is sending cupcakes and Ice like a cake.

I baked Gluten Free Cupcakes by Betty Crocker but instead of adding the oil or butter I always substitute with apple sauce. This way they are really moist and it was really cute a lot of the Moms know I love to bake and cook and they thought I made from scratch and a couple moms came to me for the recipe when I explained it was Betty Crocker Gluten Free they were quiet surprised.

Take cupcakes and arrange in six rows of seven cupcakes each.
Fill up a 16" icing bag with icing.
Next use Tip 789 By Wilton it is a basket weaving tip but it really gets everything together.
Make stripes of icing over cupcakes first going vertical

Next Ice Horizontal then smooth all out.
Now its time to decorate. I find easiest way is to photo copy a picture in book then cut around picture of shape.

Next place on cake then outline with toothpick,
then outline toothpick with colored icing.  I used a pre purchased Wilton Icing.
Last we filled in picture with sugar crystals.
This was  such a fun project to do with Miss J.  I hope you enjoy decorating a cake with your kids as much as we do.


Sheila Fretz


  1. Isn't this a cute way to get everyone a piece of cake the same size and only have to toss away the paper wrapper. You're a clever mom.

    I liked the idea of tracing with toothpicks.

  2. You're such a good mom!! And what a fun idea :)