Friday, January 27, 2012

2 Egg Gluten Free Omelet

I am always thinking of new ideas to serve Miss J for breakfast. There are not a lot of gluten free options in the morning before school that don't take to long. So lately her new favorite option is a 2 egg gluten free omelet with cheese and Bacon. Most people don't realize how quick and easy it is to make a omelet. So I am going to show you today.

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1 dab of Butter
2 eggs
1/4 Cup of Shredded Cheese of choice
2 Slices of Bacon
1/2 avocado
Salt and Pepper to taste

Non Stick Omelet pan 

While whisking eggs melt butter in non stick frying pan then move butter around until evenly coated.

Take eggs poke with fork and whisk until fluffy

When butter in melted pour egg mixture in pan moving edges of eggs

 in until eggs are firm then flip

Next add toppings.

Fold over and serve. 

Serve with Ranch, Sour Cream or Ketchup, you decide


Sheila Fretz

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  1. I love a fluffy omelette - no ketchup for me. Just delicious ingredients and really fresh, free range eggs. Nothing better.

    Hi to Miss J !