Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Years Eve Appetizer Party

Happy New Year! May your 2011 be filled with Prosperity, Hope Health and Happiness and a really good meal! Have you made your New Years Resolutions? Well I have! My New Years Resolution is to take all of the negative people in my life and try to make our experiences more positive.Every New Years Eve we have a fabulous celebration and always very intimate, just my hubby, my daughter and me. I start out in the kitchen around 4:00 P.M.,  cutting, chopping and preparing our appetizer theme party.  We also always celebrate New York New Years since we have the little set in attendance and we go to the parade at 4:00 a.m. in the morning.
Well that didn’t happen! Everyone was healthy except me.  I got sick on New Years Day. I wish I could say, that I over indulged or even ate too much rich food, but that was not the case.  So it was a blessing in disguise - that it was supposed to rain. I got to stay in my bed with my aches and pains on New Years Day and watch The Rose Parade in HD. Thank goodness I had made my Raspberry Almond Crunch Coffee Cake the day before;which I will be posting this Wednesday

 So in honor of New Years Eve I always make a dinner with a variety of appetizers.  We started with Chicken Satay from Trader Joe’s frozen department.  However, I made the  Peanut Sauce. Next I made my delicious Dates stuffed with Goat cheese wrapped in Bacon always a yummy treat. Then I created something new and fabulous  a Fig, Apple, Bacon and Onion Glaze served on a bed of Warmed Brie. Next we served A Hot and Spicy Artichoke Dip served with Tortilla Chips. Last we had another item out of the Trader Joe’s Freezer section which was Gluten Free.

New York Steak Bites wrapped in Bacon. Yes, I could have made these myself ,however, when you are trying to get a variety of items out at the same time and also enjoy the festivities, sometimes ,something has to give!

Last but not least we had a bite of  Raspberry Trifle and a glass of Sparkling Apple Cider.  Happy New Years!!!

So please enjoy and next time when your thinking of something fabulous to do with your family have an appetizer party! We had a blast.

Now on to the winner of our contest we only had three entries! However, I think that is because we were in the holiday season and most people do not have a lot of time to be entering giveaways.  The winner is Christy from Fudge Ripple you should really check out her blog its just simply fabulous.

Enjoy and Bon Appetite

Sheila Fretz


  1. your appetizers all sound so delicious...what a fun theme for a party! i am sorry you were sick--that is always a bummer. i hope you are feeling better!
    thank you for the prize! i am so excited...i do love my morning cup of tea!
    happy new year

  2. LOVE your resolution!

    That bacon wrapped NY strip look fab!!! Low-key New Year's are great, imo:) Hope 2011 is great for you!