Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Three Kings Day

So today in my home we celebrated Three kings Day, prior to Miss J going off to School. Some people know it as the Epiphany. Little Miss J was telling her Dad if you don't believe you won't receive.

Miss J quickly put a pair of boots for herself . One pair of boots for me and a pair of shoes for her Daddy.  I love to put our shoes and boots out all together the night before together.  The Tradition is you leave them by your bedside,however, I think its much better when they are all together.

So, this way, when you look in your shoes and or boots, you can see the excitement of every ones faces.

 Then that night The Three Kings came in our home and left us many treats and candies. Miss J received a bracelet that had CZ on it and the Hubby and I both got some yummy candy bars.

Well I guess our dog had a little accident last night and left us a puddle in the morning. So Little Miss J got up this morning saw her treats and noticed this puddle and now she thinks the camels had a accident in our house. But in reality it was our Dog Caesar. We opened our candy treats and goodies and I sent Miss J off to school , and my hubby and I both went off to work. Oh well Happy Three Kings Day,! I wonder what my daughter will be telling her teacher today at school.

What will you do today for 3 Kings day? We are going to celebrate with Spaghetti and Meatball's.

Have a great Day.

Sheila Fretz



  1. I've never celebrated 3 king's day/epiphany. though it's celebrated throughout germany. today all of the stores are shut down!!

    hahaha @ th camel puddle!!! hope you guys are sticking to the story. that will be cute to tell her when she's older!

  2. I left my outdoor manger scene up and the white lights in the bush until the next day. Actually it is all still out there - it was too windy today to take it all down.