Wednesday, October 3, 2012

#GlutenFree Upside Down Banana Bread Pudding

#GlutenFree Upside Down Banana Bread Pudding

I really love making bread pudding especially when I have a ton of heels from bread and a lot of bananas. I had a party to go to that weekend and I just didn't want to take the typical bread pudding. So I went to my freezer to see what was available and I found two wonderful items that I always keep frozen; Old Bananas and The heals and crust for gluten free bread so I thought I would try to master a fabulous dessert that could be a go to and it was given fabulous reviews from all of my friends and neighbors so now I am going to share it with you.

"Double" Tip of the Day:
  1. When the bananas turn brown throw them in the freezer so when you make banana bread or even Upside down Banana Bread Pudding you have them available.
  2. When a loaf of bread is opened take the heal or crust and place in freezer at the end do the same. I know my family never eats this part of the bread so instead of waiting keep a bag of heals and crust in freezer so when you make anything that calls for bread you have it already.

Serves 12

Upside Down Banana Bread Pudding Ingredients:

4 of the nastiest bananas you can find

1 banana instant pudding small size make sure it is made with corn starch.  

2 cups milk

½ teaspoon All spice

1 teaspoon cinnamon

6 cups gluten free bread torn into small pieces

6 eggs

2 Tablespoons butter for buttering dishes

2 nice bananas for upside down portion sliced

3/4 cup brown sugar


 13" x 9" Pyrex, (6) Larger Ramekins 8oz, (12) 4 oz. ramekins. You choose one

Large Bowl or Kitchen Aid Mixer Bowl

Aluminum Foil

Cooking Spray for foil or NON STICK FOIL Crisco makes a good one with no gluten.

In your kitchen aid mixer or a large bowl mix together pudding mix & nasty bananas until thoroughly blended, next add 1 egg at a time while kitchen aid mixer is mixing.

Once all eggs are mixed in next add milk, allspice, cinnamon. Remove from mixer add 6 cups of bread that has been torn into small pieces.

Next you have one of two choices you can butter a 13" x 9" Pyrex or butter (6) Larger Ramekins 8oz or (12) 4 oz. ramekins. I made both the 13" x 9" Pyrex and the (6) Larger Ramekins 8oz ramekins by making the recipe twice because I wanted to taste it before I brought it my friends house plus have extras at home.

So butter the baking pan of choice slice the 2 good bananas and lay flat side by side then covering with the brown sugar.

Next cover the brown sugar with the bread mixture and cover with foil and bake for 45 minutes covered plus 10 min uncovered at 350 degrees.

To make sure it is totally cooked insert knife in center should come out clean. Serve warm and turn upside down with whipped cream.

Bon Appetite and Enjoy!!

Sheila Fretz

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