Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Fonuts" a Gluten Free Donut Shop

Fonuts is a whole new type of Donuts they carry Gluten Free Fresh Donuts and Vegan Donuts. They are very yummy and tasty. However, because they are made in this special way they are not cheap either. They average at about $3.50 a donut, However if you buy a dozen they will give you one free. So that’s what we did.

So On Labor Day weekend my daughter asked me is that special gluten free donut shop open yet? I said yes and she was so excited because the only donuts we normally have now a days is normally out of the freezer section at Whole Foods made by Glutino. They are pretty good for frozen donuts. But nothing beats a fresh donut from the Donut shop so we headed over the hill to 3rd and Crescent Heights in Los Angeles.

We got to Fonuts about 10:30 on Sunday Morning it was a little crowded but did not have to wait long. I explained that I ran a Gluten Free Cooking Sight and both of the owners came out Nancy Truman and Waylynn Lucas they explained to me that all there donuts are baked in steam ovens and they use a combination of Almond Flour and Rice Flour to make there beautiful creations. They do not use any Xanthium in these donuts and the Majority of them were Gluten Free but they do sell a couple that are not; such as the Bacon maple and the Rum.

However they looked so good I had to try. Remember its my daughter who cant have wheat not me and I truly enjoyed both.

Bacon Maple a sweet and savory donut.

This is the Peach a gluten free donut

Rum reminds me of the Rum cake you eat in the West Indies.

Banana Chocolate a gluten free donut with all the fabulous flavors of a regular donut but its gluten free.

The lemon is a fabulous robust donut.

As you can see Miss J loves the Chocolate donut with sprinkles.

The Donuts come in a box with the Gluten Donuts wrapped in tissue.

Please stop buy Fonuts they are at 3rd Street and Crescent Heights on the Southwest corner; one store in. You will not be disapointed.

Enjoy and Bon Appetit


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