Friday, December 7, 2012

#GlutenFree Pizza Chicken served with a Fresh Green Salad

Pizza Chicken served with a Fresh Green Salad

It’s not pizza it just tastes like one. I make this for my daughter with chicken tenders because you slip vegetables into the center and she never knows it .I like to serve 2 pieces to adults because they are small pieces of meat. I accompany it with a fresh Green Salad and Yummy Cheesy gluten free sourdough bread. It just warms my stomach with love.

Serves 2 adults 1 child double or triple if you like

Pizza Chicken Ingredients:
5 chicken tenders beaten in two pieces of plastic wrap
5 teaspoons of sun-dried tomato bruschetta (I buy this at Trader Joe's)
5 Mozzarella balls marinated in Basil Olive Oil and sun-dried tomatoes cut in half
1 egg
1 cup glutino bread crumbs or potato chips ground up.
1/3 cup fresh Parsley Chopped
Cooking spray

1 Lined Baking sheet with foil or silpat

10 tooth picks

First beat Chicken tenders and set aside. Next in a separate bowl place gluten free bread crumbs in one bowl and mix together .

Take a piece of chicken and place 1 teaspoon of bruschetta in center and 1 mozzarella ball cut in half and place in center.

Roll up the tender and place tooth pick in center form a cross with other tooth pick to keep bruschetta and cheese inside chicken tender.

In another bowl put egg and whisk together for dipping chicken in. Next place chicken tender roll in beaten egg then in gluten free bread crumbs parsley mixture.

Cook on lined baking sheet and spray with cooking spray .

Bake For 30 minutes until golden brown

Bon Appetite,
Sheila Fretz


  1. Looks yummy! Once back from vacay I am giving this a try : )

  2. So Glad you liked it it is so Yummy and my daughter loves it too..