Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fast and Flavor full Pasta

So the other day I received this fabulous box
When I opened it look what I found. This fabulous box has aprons and cookbooks and all sorts of goodies including 3 kinds of stewed tomatoes.  So the main reason Red Gold sent us this fabulous swag is for # Iron Chef Challenge with Ott A.  So I quickly put it away knowing the recipe was due on March 18th a Friday. I would post a meatless meal in honor of lent, me being the good catholic girl.  However, this post was written prior to the horrible earthquake in Japan So it will be a Meatless Monday post.

Fast and Flavor full Pasta Ingredients:

½ cup of  lemon juice,  about 2 lemons.
1 cup shredded Parmesan Cheese
1 Can of Red Gold Tomato and Basil diced tomatoes
1 Cup Marinated  Artichokes quartered.
1 Cup of Sun Dried Tomatoes
1 Box of Pasta I used Gluten Free

Boil Pasta according to directions until fully cooked.
Tip if the Day: Salt your water this is how the pasta gets its flavoring. If I'm making a meat sauce that includes Beef or Chicken. I place a Beef or Chicken bouillon cube in the pasta while boiling. This always gives it additional flavor.

While  pasta is cooking make sauce by taking the juice of two lemons and the Parmesan Cheese in a pan until cheese melts and combines with lemon juice.

Next drain Red Gold tomatoes with lid on if a little extra juice stays in can that’s okay.

Add Artichokes and Sun-dried Tomatoes

Toss with cooked pasta serve immediately.

Bon Appetite and Enjoy

Sheila Fretz

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  1. Loved that you used Artichokes in this recipe. The older I get the more I like them myself. Thanks for linking up to the Iron Chef Challenge!