Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Gluten Free Flour you make at home!

Have you ever gone to your cupboard and had no flour? Well I was at the market the other day looking at all of the Gluten Free Flour options and I happened to notice that when reviewing the ingredients one was made of ground oats. I then thought to myself. Why I am I paying $8.00 for a bag of flour when I have a case of gluten free old fashioned oats in my garage. So I thought to myself should I get out my food processor or better yet my coffee grinder. 

So I got out my coffee Grinder and then I thought lets try it out with a batch of cookies and yes it worked! Plus works so well no Xanthium Gum required when making cookies.

Measure Out  1 cup of  gluten free oats

Place  in grinder to maximum spot!

Do Not Fill past Max mark!

Grind and place in air tight container so no clumps form

To Substitute for regular flour use equal portions. So If the recipe calls for 2 1/4 cups flour. Use 2 1/4 cups ground oats it will work just the same and I made double chocolate mint cookie with this and it turned out just great.


  1. love this idea! buying gluten free flour can be so expensive! I think I'll make a bread with this idea! Thanks!

  2. so you can make brown rice flour the same way? my friend lives here in germany and says brown rice flour is hard to find.