Thursday, October 14, 2010

Easy Pie

I too love to bake from scratch, but when it comes to making Cherry pie filling, I do not want to spend 2 hours in the kitchen. I do not like pitting the cherries, then taking the cherries, and making a  pie filling. So when it comes to making Pies and tarts sometimes it is best to get the help from your local grocery store. I know your disappointed, however,there are many Gluten Free Pre made piefillings out there. When you are having your holiday celebration and have to make all the sides for a holiday dinner, plus make all 4 desserts. You will thank me for this fabulous easy dessert! No one needs to know that the filling came out of a can.

Make a batch of  Famous Pie Crust. Divide into 2 equal portions. Roll out place one in a pie shell do not cut excess off.

Next poor 2 cans pre-made pie filling I used Comstock Cherry Flavor. You can use any type of filling to make any type of Easy Pie this way.

Last roll out other crust and take a cookie cutter and make one cut out of the center. I used a Canadian Maple leaf bought at mine at William Sonoma but they too sell them at Amazon.
However, you could do a star for the winter holidays or a heart for Valentines day.    Last  place on top of pie and crimp edges together. Bake in oven at 325 degrees covered for 30 min. after 30 min pass uncover and bake an additional 15 minutes uncovered. Serve after it has cooled at least 45 minutes to an hour filling gets very hot !!!


Sheila Fretz


  1. love the maple leaf...nice touch! the pitting of the cherries is my least favorite part too! most times when i buy them, i pit them and then throw them into the freezer. but a lot of the time, i mix frozen with canned. hope you had a great thanksgiving.

  2. I like easy:) I love the maple leaf!

  3. Oh, I do like easy. And what is it about canned cherries? Honestly, I think those are my favorite kind of cherries to eat...especially on top of waffles.

    Thanks for the #ff mention on Twitter today!

  4. Christy, Maria, and Sara Thanks for the comments!!!