Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Strawberry Raspberry Spiked Lemonade

So the other day I noticed a big box at my front door and what had been delivered to me was a great big box of a variety of the new Seagram Wine Coolers. So I quickly placed them in the refrigerator and a couple days had passed and I noticed these after a hard days work and that's when I started to create. I like this idea of only having half of the wine cooler and stretching it out because its not as many calories this way.

Strawberry Raspberry Spiked Lemonade Ingredients
4 ounces Strawberry Lemonade
4 ounces Seagram Raspberry Wine Coolers
4 ounces of Ice
Strawberries optional  for decoration

 Poor 4 ounces of Strawberry Lemonade in to a Glass half full of ice.
 Poor 4 ounces of Seagram Raspberry Wine Coolers
Stir and serve, makes 1 cocktail.


Sheila Fretz

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